Born: 11/11/1979
Hometown: Litchfield, CT
Location: California

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Email me at jesse at sawblade software dot com.
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  Welcome to Jesse Simko's portfolio.

My work has accumulated over the years. Here's what I've been up to...

  Durridge Company
  Since early 2010 I've been working full time at Durridge Co. developing software for analyzing radon data. Learn more about the program here.

  Sawblade Software
  After college I founded Sawblade Software and developed Power Game Factory, a program for the Mac that lets you create games. Power Game Factory was first released in the spring of 2005 and massively updated in early 2009.
  I drew game graphics at Javaground from 2006 until 2010. We made games for the iPhone, and pretty much all other cell phones, too. Games I've contributed to include Blood+, Zombieland, The Boondocks, Snoop Dogg Cruisin', Quantum of Solace, and Wheel of Fortune.
  I develop software for Mac OS and Windows using REAL Studio. I delivered a set of graphics programming seminars at the REAL World 2006 conference in Austin, TX.
  Studio Art
  Oil and acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, etc. I focused on studio arts between 1998 and 2001:
  Sawblade Software Materials
  Graphics created during the development and promotion of Power Game Factory and related projects, 2001-2006:
  Sawblade Software Gameplay Video Clips:
  Gameplay footage from Greenland Invasion, a game that is included with the Power Game Factory game development software:
Greenland Invasion: Level 1   Greenland Invasion: Level 2
Mooserider Julie (Intro Sequence):    

  Carlos on the Run Game
  Graphics from an uncompleted first-person shooter/adventure game based on the Marathon engine: 1996-2001:
Carlos on the Run: Gameplay footage:

  Early Art
  Drawings and computer graphics from my younger years:
  Javaground Game Graphics
  Pixel art that I completed during my employment at Javaground, 2006-2010. The games shown below include Quantum of Solace, Blood+, Zombieland, Afterworld, and Snoop Dogg Cruisin'. These games were released for mobile phones worldwide.
  3D Renderings
  Photographing reflective objects can be difficult, so a supplier of scientific instruments asked me to create 3D renderings of the items for a product catalog. These images were created in the mid to late 90s using Ray Dream Studio.
  Other Projects

The Crashing School Busses Into Giant Mushrooms Near Churches Game (2005)
This psychedelic 3D school bus driving simulation was developed for Mac and Windows. The physics are quite realistic.

Marathon Open Source (2000-2005)
Marathon was an early 3D first person shooter for the Macintosh, developed by Bungie prior to their rise to prominence. By 2000 Marathon was technologically outdated and Bungie released its source code publicly. I started the Marathon Open Source web site as a way to organize the efforts of the developer community. I kept it updated for a few years, and eventually left it in the capable hands of The project has since migrated to, where it continues to be updated.

Carlos On the Run Script (1995-1997)
I got together with some friends one afternoon to shoot a local access television series about border-hopping criminals and the bounty hunters bent on bringing them to justice. The project fizzed pretty abruptly, but I continued refining and expanding the script until it grew beyond 100 pages. It is essential reading for fans of bad 70s action movies.


I've been involved in the production of several movies, but only three of them really matter:

  • Hostel de Muerte (1994)
  • Hostel de Muerte: El Edicion de Navidad (1995)
  • Restaurante de Muerte (1996)

These movies have not been made publicly available due to excessive violence.

  The following songs were created with a combination of Easy Beat, SoundEdit 16, and in at least one case, GarageBand.
  Meat Machine
(2004, 1'37")
    Sandy's Kidnappers
(2004, 1'07")
    Moose Goes to Heaven
(2004, 0'27")
(2004, 1'19")
    Patched and Infected
(2001, 3'27")
    Jerry Falwell's Fat
(2001, 1'36")
  Things that interest me

My Favorite Recordings
I have picked a few albums that I like from each of the past several years.

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