How is Power Game Factory different from the competition?
Power Game Factory has a narrow focus: 2D side-scrolling action games for the Macintosh. Some other game development programs are capable of creating a wider variety of game types, but in using such versatile software you may confront the problem of not knowing where to begin. Power Game Factory's straightforward interface never leaves you wondering which mode to enter or which window to open, and many of the tools will feel familiar if you have experience with graphics and page layout software. Since no programming or scripting is involved, you will not be burdened with syntax issues.

How well does Power Game Factory run on older computers?
Power Game Factory will run on almost any computer with Mac OS X. Games made with Power Game Factory however are often more demanding, requiring more memory and a relatively recent graphics card to maintain a smooth frame rate. If you plan to get a new computer in the future you may want to purchase Power Game Factory now, since games can be developed using less powerful hardware. Any computer in Apple's current product line is more than powerful enough to run most games made with Power Game Factory. This includes the MacBook Air.

What do I get when I purchase Power Game Factory?
Power Game Factory comes on a CD-ROM packaged in a DVD case. The CD contains the Power Game Factory application, a user's manual in HTML form, and a built in game project and tutorial to help you get started. Some Sawblade Software stickers are also included, along with an order form offering discounts on Sawblade Software merchandise.

Most multimedia authoring programs cost at least $200. Why is Power Game Factory cheaper than other programs of its ilk?
When pricing software, most companies try to find the sweet spot at which the product's price is as high as possible without affecting sales volume. To an extent, Sawblade Software has tried to do the same thing, but we've selected a lower price because we don't want to lose any potential customers. We think that there are a lot of people who would like to get their hands on Power Game Factory, and we don't want to charge a price that would relegate the product to obscurity or make it accessible only to file traders.

I don't trust PayPal. How else can I order Power Game Factory?
PayPal has never screwed over any of our customers, but we aren't ignoring your concerns. All of our products, including Power Game Factory, can be ordered by mail using the form available here.

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Can I sell the games I make using Power Game Factory?
Sawblade Software does not place restrictions on your right to sell finished games, and you may charge any price you wish. You may sell games independently, or you may work through a publisher. You will never have to pay us royalties.

What features can we expect to see added to Power Game Factory in the near future?
Power Game Factory is likely to be fine tuned in the future. Any bugs that are discovered will be fixed, but we do not expect to add any huge new features. The reason for this is that major changes to Power Game Factory would necessitate a new game project file format, breaking compatibility with older game projects.

List some examples of games that can and can't be made with Power Game Factory.
Power Game Factory is used to make 2D side-scrolling action games in which the main character can run left and right, jump, and aim and shoot in up to eight directions. Games that could have been made in Power Game Factory include Contra, Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ninja Gaiden, Donkey Kong Country, and Metal Slug. It is not possible to make games such as Final Fight or River City Ransom, in which the main character can walk up and down along an isometric plane, nor is it (officially) possible to make vehicular based side scrolling shooters such as Gradius. Finally, it is not possible to make games with overly complex RPG elements such as experience points and large inventories.

Why doesn't Power Game Factory create games for Windows?
We found it very difficult to create Windows applications that were robust and stable enough meet our standards. Lots of little things were going wrong early in the development cycle, and we gradually abandoned our Windows ambitions. Since then, more Mac-only libraries and frameworks have been incorporated into our game engine, strengthening it tremendously while preventing it from ever working on the PC.

Why can't I make games for Mac OS 9?
Power Game Factory uses several technologies that are exclusive to Mac OS X.