The "Crashing School Busses Into Uprooted Mushrooms near Churches" game

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This was made with REALbasic. It uses RB3D, so the Quesa library is utilized and the models are in the 3DMF format. So far the focus has been on simulating vehicle physics, but once that's finished there will be all kinds of cool stuff that can be added.

This might be developed into a full game, but meanwhile please check out the source code.

Download the source code.

Download the helper apps needed to make game content.

There are 3 helper apps. Architecture Tool is used to create Collision Polygons, which are invisible polygonal bounding boxes defining the edges of architectural objects. Landscape Tool is for converting a 3DMF model of a landscape into a more quickly parsed Contour Mesh, which defines the solidity of landscapes. Finally, MovingElement Tool is used to create Collision Circles, which add structure to moving objects, including vehicles and scenery.


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