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<  Aaron's questions, and Jesse's answers
PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:03 pm  Reply with quote
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The following is copied from an email response...

On Apr 2, 2005, at 4:36 AM, Aaron Nemoyten wrote:

I believe I found a minor bug. I seem to be able to
jump in midair after being affected upwards by a hot
zone with a force... er... I think that made sense.

That's it for bugs. I haven't had many chances to use
the software in the last week because my monitor died
and I only just got a replacement.


Bumping a head on a wall that leans inward causes a
complete bounce down... think you could modify the
collision code to reduce upward momentum only a bit
and bounce the character in the appropriate direction?

Also, is there a way to control how much acceleration
I gain/lose going up/down hills? It seems to be a
little crazy now, as I scale a small hill slowly and
then jet down it in half a second.

Also, it would be really really nice to be able to
just check a box saying I don't need all the aiming
direction variations... right now my character is
just jumping around, Mario style, so I don't need all
that stuff.

Lastly, is there any way to make a draw-bridge type of

By the way, thanks for letting me use this. I found
old graphics somebody made me when I was 13 and trying
to make this game based on characters and ideas my
friend and I came up with in third grade... and now a
character we designed in third grade is running around
a game world I made quickly in Photoshop based off a
sketch of a level I drew in fifth grade. It's pretty
cool Smile


Hi Aaron,
Thanks for sending me those notes.

The bug you found... was that with a hot zone, or a force field? ( i wasn't able to reproduce the problem with a force field that shot the player upwards, nor did I encounter the problem when the player jumped while within a hot zone that performs a routine that applies upward force to the player...) However I did see that the player can jump somewhat higher than normal if he leaps just as the force field/hot zone is beginning to take effect. That's appropriate, I think.

As for bumping your head on a diagonal ceiling and moving straight down, I don't think that problem can be fixed at this late stage in the program's development because the physics model is so deeply woven into other aspects of the game. When you hit your head, it collides with either a horizontal or vertical surface; it doesn't sense a diagonal, because the diagonal is in fact comprised of a stair step pattern of many small horizontal and vertical segments.

Accelerating down hills can be controlled with the player/character type's "Slides Down Slopes" properties, along with the "Slippriness" value. I tested this out and noticed that the player didn't have a slippriness property, only enemy characters did. So I restored the player's slippriness property. I'm so glad you asked me about that, because I never would have noticed my mistake otherwise.
Maybe I'll have to post yet another preview build on sunday or monday...

To limit the directions in which the player can aim, try unchecking the "Can Aim..." checkboxes near the upper left section of the player sets window's Additional Options tab. This prevents you from attacking in those directions, though you can still aim in those directions. I guess you could just make all the frames showing the player aiming at vertical and diagonal angles the same as the ones showing him aiming to the left and right. But I am going to try to make it so that those diagonal frames don't appear in the first place.

Finally, draw bridges... might be possible with a combination of routines that create and remove solid material, and animated scenery that takes the form of the drawbridge. But it wouldn't be easy, unless there's a solution that I'm not thinking of. It would be tough to create a diagonal slope for the intermediate phases of the drawbridge since routines only add material in rectangular blocks.
Good luck!

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