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<  A few minor bugs
PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:03 pm  Reply with quote

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1. When the player is at full health and takes ten percent total health damage, the display only reduces by 5 percent. I haven't tested with other values.

2. The way touch damage fallback by nonmoving characters is handled sometimes causes the player to get stuck. Apparently the speed is determined by multiplying the inflicor's fallback amount by their movement speed and divides this by the weight of the victim. Because of this, a nonmoving character that inflicts touch damage multiplies it's fallback amount by it's speed, which would be zero, resulting in no fallback if the damage inflicor is not moving. I think that the equation should be altered so that the speed divider can not be a number below 1 so that this problem doesn't occur.

3. There is no way to disable/enable the player's fade when killed or to edit the fade duration.

4. Transitional frames aren't interrupted by attacks. For example, if the player attacks during the landing from jump frame, the attack animation doesn't play

Edit: I did some testing with touch damage and I can't seam to get the player to fall back even with the enemy moving and the increase damage by speed box checked. Also it seems that if the player gets hit by touch damage and doesn't try to move, they are repeatedly hit by touch damage but arent taking any damage, then if the player moves away and is hit again, they do take damage once again before getting stuck.
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