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<  Reset all variables?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:06 am  Reply with quote

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It seems that ZH doesn't reset all the variables when you get a game over. Surprised

Which means the level/s with complex routines got completely messed up when you start the level again! Is there some way to reset all the variables when a game begins? (i could put it on the very first "map" level, as you're not going to be using the cheaty hold down buttons to teleport to later levels trick while playing properly anyway).. Or am i going to have to make a big chain of "make this variable = 0" routines?

Thinking about it, shouldn't it reset them regardless? I'm not sure anyone would want variables surviving past game-over? Maybe it's only happening in ZH.. I've only just noticed it.

Sorry, my bad! there's already a "reset all variables" option. XD

Slightly less problematic, but related - When you die before reaching the first restart point it sends you back, resetting everything's locations - which again, breaks levels with complex scripts and counters.. I got around it by putting an invisible respawn point pretty much on the player start point, but it could cause other game makers some headaches.. Laughing


another bug/feature.. Respawn points seem to always look like one player set - which isn't very helpful in ZH as the 1st player-set is actually the cursor for use on the map screen.. Is there a way to choose already, and if not, could there be? Smile
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