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<  "Is a Boss" - How about more options?
PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2008 7:19 am  Reply with quote

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In PGF games, "Is a Boss" means "If I kill it, the level ends right now."

How about an alternate? Where a routine would play instead? Yes, I know I could just add a routine to a normal enemy that runs when it dies, but what if I want that enemy to be my boss? Then what is the "Is a Boss" option for? To me it seems out of place. Either the "Is a Boss" option is unneeded, or it should be tweaked. Flagging an enemy as a boss makes sense, but only having the level end when it dies seems a bit restricting or out of place.
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Take Mario for example. In SMB1, when Bowser died, you simply jump on the axe to activate the routine that plays the music, opens the door and makes Mario walk forward. Obviously Bowser is a boss. But do you think he was flagged as one in the game? Most likely not. He's just another enemy that is stronger and has more attacks and behaviors.

Same thing with other games, Mario 2 you had music play, a door appears and you enter it to end the level. In Mario 3, Boom Boom's death spawned an item you pick up to end the level, Koopa Kids caused a wand to fall that you pick up to end the level. Sonic the Hedgehog had a metal cage containing Flicky's to be dropped.

I guess my rant is just getting at the idea of a Boss not being necessary? I dunno. Maybe the option could have some more stuff associated with it other than immediately ending the level. Laughing

Edit: Ah, yes, I completely forgot about the music change. Yes. So how about this? An option to NOT end the level immediately. The music changing is awesome, but sometimes I wouldn't want the level to end right away. Maybe just open a door or something. You know what I mean?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:28 pm  Reply with quote

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I like your idea. Maybe, if you select "is a boss" it brings up a whole new pop up menu with boss options. In the meantime, on the "level to connect to after defeating boss, try setting it to the current level.
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